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Berliner Morgenpost, 13.09.1996

Caressing Treatment

Marie-Dominique Unkel can´t stand the word "massage". She describes her method as an "energetic-manual treatment". The slender French woman is responsible for an Anti Stress Centre in the Kaiserdamm after stages in Paris, London and Amsterdam. Speciality: Treatment of Overweight. Stress and overweight belong together according to her opinion. With help of stroking movements the 51-year-old woman tries to harmonize the body and soul of her stressed clients. "I influence the internal energy circulation of the human-being", explains the psychologist and literature specialist with university degree.

The treatment methods are based on the knowledge of her late husband Anthonie Unkel. The psychologist had established an Anti Stress Centre in Paris in the sixties where such famous movie stars as Nastassja Kinski or Isabelle Huppert were treated.

Why did she decide to live in Berlin? "I´m in love with this city. Berlin is a metropolis and a city of culture", exclaims the mother of three children enthusiastically. Germany is also the best country for natural treatment methods and alternative medicine. "People take you seriously here and don´t believe that everything is abrakadabra", she emphasizes. But the enthusiastic lyricist can´t help herself with her treatment methods. Her anti stress programme is nature. "That calms me down most".