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Bietigheim, 12.05.2011

Patient's & Friends Party

Improved quality of life

Marie-Dominique Unkel has operated the Anti-Stress Center in Bietigheimt for 14 years. She has applied her treatment method for 43 years. During this time numerous patients have made her acquaintance and come to appreciate her skills.Besides treating weight problems, she treats symptoms of a physical and emotional nature. She has successfully dealt with common ailments that can have a wide range of causes, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and depression.Recently a number of her satisfied patients decided to hold a Patients and Friends Party, which also included family members. The informal get-together took place at the Parkhotel in Bietigheim-Buch and gave the guests a chance to share their experiences.Marie-Dominique Unkel enjoyed the evening very much and is certain that similar get-togethers with her patients will follow.

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