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Bietigheimer Zeitung, 30.06.1998

Profound Cross-section

Texts and Songs in the Atelier of Sybille Proksch

Do you know Marie-Dominique Brunet-Unkel? No? That´s a pity. But since Saturday afternoon the sympathetic and liberal-minded author is a little bit better known after reciting a few of her compositions in English and French.

What is happening in our society - in earlier times, nowadays and in the future? That is the initial question with which the author is intensively occupied and about which the author has published texts and songs in several books since 1976. Among other things Marie-Dominique Brunet-Unkel studied psychology and philosophy and has a diploma in the special fields journalism as well as social sciences.

The native French woman observes her surroundings, collects impressions and then transforms them philosophically. Consciousness, she says, is not the difference between human-beings and animals, but mainly means: "seeing more than the average". The author connects this expression with a prophecy, the perception of signals of an invisible world that can help to avoid dangers.

Marie-Dominique Brunet-Unkel for example contemplates on a better structure of society in the poem "L´important et ailleurs" , compares the basis of such a society with the fundament of a house: both must be built solidly so that the building on top can be carried. She has been acknowledged for this work by receiving the poetry prize "Moulin d´Ecluse" in 1978.

Then she also thinks about the human-beings who died in vain in the name of liberty, religion and fundamentalism. In this connection the author also reminds of the Massacre of St. Bartholomew or of the persecution of the Jews. Thoughts about the relativity of time or her old home Paris - Marie-Dominique Brunet-Unkel has just recently moved to Bietigheim-Bissingen - also aren´t missing in her poems.

To her own favourites belongs her work "Question Marks" In this composition questions are asked like "Is it allowed to be a human-being?". "I am" is also a gem because of the way the question of one´s own self is discussed and how the author shows the difference between a child and an old man and the angel and devil in people.

On this Saturday afternoon Marie-Dominique Brunet-Unkel presented altogether a profound , but also entertaining cross-section of the six books that have come out in the publishing house Grassin.