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Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 20.01.1998

The Poet with the Anti Stress Programm for Overweight

For one year Marie-Dominique Brunet-Unkel has been carrying on a special practice in Bietigheim-Bissingen

Question to the specialist: "Are you also in stress?" The specialist is Marie-Dominique Brunet-Unkel who has been carrying on a so-called Anti Stress Centre for people with overweight in Bietigheim-Bissingen for more than a year now.

The charming French woman, who´s German is by the way excellent, even though she considers her knowledge of German being "too terrible!", answers the question at the beginning with a clear "oui". When she herself is in a stress situation she relaxes by writing poems or going for a walk. She also has the possiblity to do this in the big garden of the house she lives in together with the painter Sybille Proksch. With help of the painter Madame Unkel decided to settle in the "land of the Swabians" after having practices in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

The reason for the success of her practice is that not all people can relax by just going for a walk. Stress which consists of fear, anger and pressure of time is too great. "The primeval fears still exist", says Mrs. Unkel. The psychologist who studied in Paris knows that the modern human-being still has the soul of the stone age being. Wolfs and bears were replaced by anxiety factors such as the tax office, unemployment or full diaries. While the caveman let steam off by moving around, fear builds up inside of the office people. And then he eats. "People who eat compensate their frustration", the psychologist emphasizes. And here is the connection between stress and overweight. Overweight people then also have new problems: complexes, diabetes, high blood pressure or vessel diseases. These are examples of diseases that are triggered by the psyche and that are also psychosomatic.

A therapy with Marie-Dominique Brunet-Unkel begins with a long talk. She emphasizes this especially - how else should she find out how the psychological state of the patient is. Then she touches the patient. This touch is neither caressing nor massaging. "I hate the word massage", she says. What really happens, she herself explains like this "My energy encounters the energy of the patient". The treatment in the light-flooded room takes one hour, daily, during the whole cure. What happens in the body of the patient is very complicated. The cause of a function disturbance that could for example be the reason for overweight, lies in a certain part of the brain. It controls the heartbeat, breathing, digestion and also the fat household. With help of the treatment which was developed by her late husband Anthonie, who died in 1992, the brain is influenced so that it activates the fat out of the depots". Without a strict diet, without medicine - the psychologist assures.

After a short treatment (five weeks) her patients are supposed to have lost at least 15 lbs., after a long treatment (eight weeks) at least 26 lbs. Madame Unkel guarantees 100 % success. That may impress some people - but not the health insurances: the patients pay the bill themselves.