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Curriculum vitae

Born 14 July in Guérigny (Nièvre) near Nevers, France
Baccalaureate in philosophy
Resident in London and Oxford
Studied literature, psychology and philosophy at the Catholic University in Paris
Studied at the CELSA School of Journalism in Paris
Studied English Literature at the British Institute in Paris
Studied at the EHSS School of Social Sciences in Paris with Professor Gaston Bouthoul
Attended philosophical and anthropological lectures at the Institut de Recherches Éthiques in Paris with Professor Jean Belin-Milleron
Met the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre
Met future husband A.W. Unkel (psychoanalyst, author and film director) in Greece
Participated in the election campaign of Paul Dijoud, who became the youngest MP in the French Parliament and then the youngest minister under Valérie Giscard d´Estaing and Georges Pompidou.
Birth of first child
Engaged as Public Relations officer with Poclain, at the time the largest manufacturer of construction machinery in the world
Practice founded with A.W. Unkel in Chantilly
Practice relocated to a suburb of Paris
Met the author Suzanne Chantal (one of the circle of writers around Andre Malraux)
Publication of first poetry from childhood “entre la lumière et l´ombre” (“Between light and shadow”) by the French publisher J. Grassin
Readings in J.P. Rosnay’s famous “Club des Poètes”, Paris and in a weekly TV program leaded by Cultural Ministry André Malraux
Birth of second child
“Moulin de l´Écluse” prize for literature for the text “L´important est ailleurs”
Practice opened in Paris
Birth of third child
Second publication of poetry “Idées Fixes” by La Pensée Universelle
Third publication of poetry “La deuxième page” by the publisher J. Grassin
Fourth publication of poetry “La Dynamique de la Fiction” by the publisher J. Grassin
Lectures on the radio, in theatres and museums on poetry and culture in France
Separation from A.W. Unkel
Relocation of practice to Amsterdam
Publication of "la dynamique de la fiction" and nominated for a poetry prize (Photo 1985)
Since 1985
Membership of the Society of authors, composers and music publishers, France
Active in England
Publication of a French culture magazine
Poetry prize of the National Convention of Poetry in Dartford for the title "Unspoken" (Photo 1987)
Various lectures, et al in the National Convention of Poetry in Dartford (1988) and the Richmond Theatre in London (Photo 1990), where Peter O'Toole started his career, award ceremony for "j'aime les voitures et la vitesse"
Publication of the anthology “30 Ans de Poésie Contemporaine” (1957-1987)
Member of the B.A.S.C.A. (British Academy of Songwriters and Composers)
Take-over of the practice of A.W. Unkel in Amsterdam
Fifth publication of poetry in French and English: “Franco-Britannic” by the publisher J. Grassin
Publication of the anthology “50 Ans de Poésie Contemporaine” (1945-1995)
Lectures in the French Embassy in Amsterdam
Lectures in Rotterdam (Photo 1995)
Move to Berlin
Meeting in Berlin with the artist Sybille Proksch from Bietigheim-Bissingen
Opening of a new second practice
The practice in Amsterdam is handed over to elder son and continues until 2005
Lectures at the Literaturhaus Berlin
Sixth publication of poetry in English and French “Overdose” by the publisher J. Grassin
Opening of the practice in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Baden-Württemberg
Lectures at the KulturCafé Merlin in Stuttgart
Various literary works
Fourth publication in “Sequences” (annual literature magazine for modern poetry)
Publication of the 7th volume of poetry “D'hier pour aujourd'hui” by the publisher J. Grassin
Lecture in Schloss Ludwigsburg on the occasion of Bastille Day for the Club Forum Literatur
Lecture at the Anti-Stress-Zentrum in Bietigheim, for the first time in German
Lecture at the Anti-Stress-Zentrum in Bietigheim with musical support
Awarded the French Charles Le Quintrec prize for poetry – “Prix d`Honneur”
Work published in the annual publication “Florilège”
First publication of texts translated into German in “Eremitage” No. 16
Participation in the European poetry festival at Cabourg (Normandy, France)
Book publications in France (anthology)
Published annually by S.A.P.F. in France (Florilège)





Poetry, translated into German and published in “Eremitage” No. 17 (new release)
45th anniversary of the Anti-Stress Centre
Lecture at Prague

Lecture at Prague

In France, the 8th book is published and after the first partial editions in Germany the first full edition will be published by the LFL. 2011 publishing house.
Awarding the bronze medal of the "Renaissance Francaise" for the mediation of French culture and literature in foreign countries as part of the 100th anniversary in Paris on 21 September 2015. The event will be held at the "Centre Interallié" where all French literary prizes are awarded or in "Palais de l'UNESCO "by 4 French ministers, among others the Culture and Foreign Minister. On this occasion are also flowers laid down in the "Arc de Triomphe" at the grave of the Unknown Soldier.

The 8th book publication entitled "Backstage" in French language
The first book publication entitled "Sanssouci" completely in German language
Planning further readings in France to give the poetry an important place in the literature
Planning a practice office in Southern France

• Music from the Middle Ages to Shakira ...
• Likes to sing songs from Sinatra to Amy Winehouse with piano accompaniment
• Fast cars

Further information on Marie-Dominique Unkel can be found in "Who’s Who", German edition of 1998 and the European edition of 2003.